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Development Strategy

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Development strategy


  Excellent intelligent measurement and control technology; Professional marketing expansion and integration; Harmonious advancement in innovation capacity; Coordinated development of both military and civilian industry.

  In technical field of general aviation test equipments and experimental test equipments, serving advanced sensors as a breakthrough, we have continuously developed researches in new materials, new technologies, new processes sensor products to motivate our theoretical research and application of aircraft electrical systems, hydraulic systems PHM and other technical areas. Furthermore, we also have devoted sustained efforts to forge the AVIC Intelligent Measurement as an important supplier for airborne equipment of aviation special sensors and a major equipment vendor for experimental tests. In the field of civilian control technology, through innovative business models and capital operation, we have successfully expanded our product spectrum, extending products upstream and downstream industry chain, and thus further promote our business in coal, petrochemical, metallurgical industry, building the AVIC Intelligent Measurement as the most influential large-scale systems integration provider in civilian control market.




Developmental Concept


  Military products act as the anchor to survive; Civilian products function like the wings to strive .





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