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AVIC Intelligent Measurement CO., LTD is the member unit of AVIC—one of the world's top 500 enterprises—and subordinate to AVIC Technology Foundation Establishment. The company engages in research on intelligent measurement and control technology, one of the seven core business segments of AVIC Technology Foundation Establishment. Under the ideological guidelines of “Combination forces with the people, and civil – military products integration”, by taking full advantages of measurement and control technology, intelligent technologies and intelligent equipment manufacturing technology, AVIC Intelligent Measurement CO.,LTD is actively involved in technology research, products development and system integration of integrated measurement and control system, specialized sensor development and application of industrial robots integrated technology. The products are widely applied both in national defense (aviation, aerospace, navigation, weapons, etc) and civilian use (coal mine, petrochemical, metallurgy, transportation, new energy, etc)

       Founded as the intelligent measurement technology platform of AVIC Technology Foundation Establishment, based on intelligent technology and measurement&control technology field, AVIC Intelligent Measurement CO., LTD envisions becoming “the flagship in measurement and control technology, the pioneer in intelligent technology, turning into a national leading and internationally renowned innovation enterprise.” In the intelligent technology field, AVIC Intelligent Measurement CO., LTD performs technical research of intelligent robot technology and theoretical and technical research of integrated application. Moreover, in aviation industry and new energy manufacturing field, the company conducts fruitful work  concerning aviation engine/ wind power blades robot grinding technology, aviation products - robot spraying technology, indoor space orientation system and unmanned platform task loading, etc. In aeronautical measurement&control field, AVIC Intelligent Measurement CO.,LTD displays theoretical and technical research about advanced sensors, comprehensive testing and diagnosis, aviation special test equipment, providing technical and product support for the development, use and maintenance of the aviation models in service and a new generation of weapons and equipment; in civilian measurement&control field, it develops theoretical study on the integrated application in storage tank metering technology, fully nitrogen technology and automatic control system, providing all kinds of test equipments and technical services for petrochemical, coal, metallurgy, and other national basic energy fields.

      AVIC Intelligent Measurement CO.,LTD is the president unit of China Aviation Industry Association of Technology and Equipment Engineering, the main member unit of General Testing Technology Group of People's Liberation Army General Armament Department, the affiliation or support unit of several professional organizations such as National Defense Science and Technology Center for Research on Test Technology of Industrial Automation Applications, Test technology of China Aviation Industry Development Center, Professional Committee of China Aeronautics test, and the magazine of the Measurement and Control Technology.

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